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TIGER ONE MILLION 4K Satellite Receiver Latest Software Download


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
The Latest Update For The Wonderful Receiver From TIGER



Very important alert:

The version is constantly updated when the latest new update is released

The Importance Of Passing The New Update In The Receiver

  • The new update solves all the problems of the old update and your receiver becomes responsive to use.
  • The emergence of new additions and improvements in the device, for example: * Improving and developing YouTube's performance and solving all its problems.
  • Adding simultaneous translation of channels.* Appearance after weekly programs in channels in the new update.
  • Developing applications in the receiver, improving their performance and solving all their problems, for example, the IPTV application and the APPOLO IPTV application.
  • Changing the main interface or browsing, which gives ease of use.
  • Updating the operating system of the receiver, which makes it work with high efficiency and thus work for a longer period.
  • Solve intermittent problems in the IpTv broadcasting service, or the broadcast is completely interrupted.
  • Adding new options and functions in the receiver.
  • Download the latest device update to activate the server properly and open all encrypted channels.

    How To Pass The New Update In This Video

Important Tips Before Passing The New Update

Before passing any new update, you must follow the following tips in order not to fall into the problems of turning off the device or problems with the bot, and you have to take the device to the experienced people to fix it for you. The tips are easy and simple, just follow them, and they are as follows:
  • First, before passing the update, you must save the file of your channels on the device in a flash drive to retrieve it whenever you want. The method is shown on my website and also in my channel.
  • Secondly, before passing any update, reset the device or factory reset the device completely, and this step is very important before any update.
  • After downloading any update, make sure that the update file is decompressed through the WinRAR program so that you can pass it successfully on your device.
  • When the update begins to pass in the device, do not touch anything until it is finished, and be aware of a power outage or turning off the device by mistake, because this will lead to bot problems and many problems with the device.
  • After the update pass is completed, the device will turn off and restart automatically. You will reset the device again, and with this, you will have passed your update correctly and excellently.
  • Immediately after that, re-download your channels file saved in a flash drive or pass a new channel file.
  • Finally, you go to the device’s settings and connect it to the Ethernet and also activate the server. All these steps are explained in the video shown above, and also in previous lessons that you can find on my website and channel as well.

TIGER ONE MILLION 4K Specifications


1-Comes with Ali 2661 . processor

2-Available on the DVB .s/DVB.s2//DVBs2x tuner

3-It comes with the open source Lunix system. It does not accept the installation of external applications and there is no store to download applications.

4- Supports VP9 image publishing technology as well as H265

5 -Supports intégrée Wi-Fi reception

6- RAM capacity 4G

7 -Flash Capacity 16-16 MB Flash Memory

8- support for real 4k picture and sound

9- Sharing Forever Pro server for 15 months

10 -Apollo iptv server

11- support for audio and translation of all kinds

12- Support to automatically fetch codes

13- Bluetooth Support

Epg pro . support

tech support


Optical port


Support and provider of 12 iptv subscriptions

H265/ 4k UHD

Flash 16M / SDRAM 4GB

Ethernet & WiFi & Support USB 3G/4G





1- HAHA IPTV 24M – ( 5555566666 )

2- BELO IPTV 15M – (1515151515)

3- Echo IPTV 15M – ( 2 * 16 )

4- ULTRA IPTV 15M – (1*12)

5- DOCTOR IPTV 15M – (1*12)

6- MYHD IPTV 15M – (6*10)

7- GAMA IPTV 15M – (2*12)

8- GOLDEN IPTV 15M – ( 1*16 )

9- FLIP IPTV 15M – (6*12) active soon

10- EMPIRE IPTV 15M – ( 1X16 ) active soon

11- PANDA IPTV 15M – ( 2 * 16 )

12- FERRARI IPTV 12M – ( 8 * 10 )

13- ATLAS IPTV 12M – (0*15)


Powerful CPU Ali-2661

• RAM 4 GB

• Flash 16MB

• Support 4K 60 fps 2160*3840 max size

• Storage capacity of 20,000 TV and radio channels

• Support 3D channels, DVD-S, DVB-S 2, DVB-S 2, H 265, 4 K 60 fs

• Powerful tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals

• Resolutions supported: 1080 i Hz, 576P 50 Hz, 720P Hz, 1080P Hz, 1080P 1080 Hz, 1080P 1080 Hz, 1080 i 50 Hz, 1080P 50 Hz, 2160 25 Hz, 2160 2160 Hz, 2160 50 Hz

• With a long USB-WIFI with a strong signal

• Support wifi dongle 7601 and 5730 (old and new wifi dongle)

• USB Ports: 2.5 and 3.5


• LNBS: Cband / Cuband

• Support for DiSE qC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 USALS

• With RGB port

• HDMI: 2.0 outputs and AV outputs

• The ability to search frequencies and support multiple search TP

• Upgrade via USB and internet

• Network and Internet via wireless, LAN cable and 3G

• YouTube, IPTV, m 3u and m 3u 8 . files support

• G-MScreen, DMR DLNA, DMP, WiFi Direct

• 3G modem support

• Support automatic channel update



Default code – ( 2*16 )



Default code ( 1*12 )


Default code – ( 1*12 )



Default code – ( 6*10 )




Default code – ( 2*10 )



Default code -( 1*16 )



Default code – ( 6*12 )



Default code-( 8*10 )


Default code-2*12 ( 222222222222 )


Default code- 0*15 ( 000000000000000 )