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How to renew the Forever server in all the receivers that support it


I present to you today
How to renew the wonderful and Famous server
In all the receivers that support it, with very easy and simple steps

Very important alert:

You must pass the latest update to your receiver before you renew the server forever

Definition of the FOREVER server and an explanation of its types and its role in the receiver

  • Forever Server is a server belonging to the Chinese company Al-Ghusat, which is one of the strongest and highest companies, as it is a giant company and is considered one of the most important and best companies, as the company owns engineers and technicians at the highest level and also owns the G-share 3 server, which is the most powerful copy of Forever ever.
  • Server Forover appeared with many devices such as: Echosat - Zbox -Tiger - Pinacl -Starsat - Geant - Geant - Qmax - ibox ...
  • Server riks Forever There are three versions of the different Forever server, each type of which opens a specific package and in a different device. The Forever server includes three types, which are the regular Forever server and the Forever SE server, in addition to the more expensive FOREVER Pro.
  • Server Forever PRO is the most powerful version of the Forever server, and it is the most stable and most expensive because it is built into high-capacity devices for hardware and software. This server comes with very high quality devices, and the quality is as follows: 4K - FHD - HD - HVC265, so it is worth calling it ForeverUHD, and it is also a more stable and more secure server, as it opens 4K Ultra HD channels on various satellites, which is Available on Android devices such as Allure OTT 750 4K
  • Forever Server, which is the normal version of Forever servers, stable and medium-priced, as it is built into medium-capacity devices, and the only difference between it and the Forever PRO server is in opening UHD - 4K channels in favor of the Forever PRO server. Forever server comes in FHD - HD - HVC265 quality devices and with medium processors such as Ali and GX6628 processor, and it is more powerful and stable than the Forever SE server, in addition to opening other packages such as the Greek Cosmote
  •  Forever SE Server, which is the simple version of Forever servers, as it is integrated into devices with weak capabilities, MINI, and it is the twin brother of FunCam Server.
  • The FOREVER server opens almost all packages on most satellites, starting from the Hespasat in the west to even Antelsat in the east. It is a powerful and fast server with ease of use and has great technical support.
  • The difference between the three servers By defining the servers, we can deduce the difference between them, as the difference lies in the prices of devices supporting the servers, subscription renewal prices, in addition to stability and open packages, while Forever Pro is unique in opening 4K channels.
  • As a simple user and catches only a few satellites such as Nilesat and Astra, the Forever SE server is very enough for you, but it is better to buy a device with a regular Forever server because it is more stable and has higher features.
  • Various server companies are working on competition. Some of them give a forever server for free for a period of one year or months, and some of them have strong technical support in terms of renewing the subscription of the forever server. Therefore, in order to get forever server channels list, he likes to buy one of the servers and receivers integrated with it, one of the Forever servers that we mentioned earlier.
  • The validity of the subscription to this server ranges from two years to a year and a half, and you can renew it automatically after that by purchasing a code at some sites that support renewal.

The most important devices that support the FOREVER server

  • STAR SAT receivers:
  10. STAR SAT SR-4050HD
  11. STAR SAT SR-7060
  12. STAR SAT SR-7090HD
  13. STAR SAT SR-8060
  14. STAR SAT SR-T30
  15. STAR SAT SR-T30
  16. STAR SAT T60
  17. STAR SAT T70
  18. STAR SAT SR-600HD
  19. STAR SAT SR-700HD
  20. STAR SAT SR-800HD
  21. StarSat X7 Extreme 4K Android
  22. StarSat X4 Extreme 4K Android
  23. StarSat X3 Extreme 4K Android
  24. StarSat X3 PRO 4K Android
  25. StarSat X2 Extreme 4K Android
  26. StarSat X1 Extreme 4K Android
  27. StarSat X1 PRO 4K Android
  28. StarSat 200 Extreme 4K Linux
  • GEANT receivers:
  1. Géant OTT 750 4K
  2. Géant OTT 750 EVO 4K
  3. Géant 2500 EVO 4K
  4. Géant OTT 750 4K EVO Allure
  5. Géant OTT 750 4K Allure
  6. Géant OTT 950
  7. Géant OTT 600
  8. Géant OTT 500
  9. Géant OTT G PLUS
  10. Géant OTT I22
  11. Géant OTT I232
  12. Géant 2500 Hybrid
  13. Géant 2000 HD Hybrid
  14. Géant CX8500 Hybrid
  15. Géant M4 Mini
  16. Great M4
  17. Géant DVB 6500 HD PLUS TITANIUM
  18. Géant DVB 6060 HD ILIMIT
  19. Géant DVB 9090 HD PLUS
  1. Echolink ATOMO 4K
  2. Echolink Open Vu9
  3. Echolink Open Vu7
  4. Echolink ZEN
  5. Echolink ZEN 2
  6. Echolink ZEN Lite 2
  7. Echolink ZEN Plus
  8. Echolink Open VU 7 Mini
  9. Echolink Open VU 7 Lite
  1. Tiger T3000 Extra 4K
  2. Tiger T3000 Mega 4K
  3. Tiger T8 Ultra
  4. Tiger T8 High Class
  5. Tiger T8 Forever
  6. Tiger T7 Forever
  7. Tiger T8 Mini Ultra
  8. Tiger T800 Hyper
  9. Tiger T9 Prime
  1. Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2 4K
  2. MediaStar Diamond X2 4K
  3. Mediastar MS 4030 4K
  4. MediaStar Forever 10000
  5. MediaStar Forever 15000
  6. Mediastar MS 8000 Forever
  7. MediaStar MS 2727 Forever
  8. MediaStar MS GaZal 1212 Forever
                • QMAX receivers:
                1. Qmax MST 999 H7
                2. Qmax MST 999 H8
                3. Qmax MST 999 H9
                4. Qmax MST 999 H8 Mini
                5. Qmax MST 999 H9 Mini

                  How to renew the subscription of the FOREVER server in this video

                Packages opened by FOREVER server

                The list will start from west to east with the cons of each moon:
                1- Hispasat satellite, covering 30 West:
                ☑ MEO Portuguese package is fully functional
                ☑ Fully working Portuguese NOS package
                ☑ Albertis DTT Spanish Land Package Exclusive
                2- Nilesat satellite - coverage 7 West:
                ☑ OSN package, most of the channels are working
                ☑ Fully functional ART package
                ⛔ Philippine channels are not working
                3- The Amos satellite of the Zionist entity - coverage 4 West:
                ☑ The YES package works with most of its SD + HD and 4K channels
                ⛔ I advise everyone to stay away from this moon, especially if you have an alternative available
                4- The Thor satellite – coverage 1 West:
                ☑ Digi TV package works almost completely
                ☑ M7 Group package is working but not complete
                ☑ Telenor package that works
                ⛔ Big shortcomings in opening Swedish and Danish channels on the narrow package
                5- BulgariaSat satellite, coverage 2 West:
                ☑ Sports channels on the moon are fully functional
                6- Astra satellite – coverage 4 east:
                ⛔ The moon almost does not work, especially the Ukrainian football channels FOOTBALL, but it is available on Hotbird
                ⛔ The African channel package is not working
                7- Eutelsat satellite - coverage 7 east:
                ⛔ Does not work especially the Digi Turk package
                8- Eutelsat satellite – coverage 9 East:
                ☑ The American AFN package is fully functional
                ☑ The German M7 package works
                ⛔ Cosmote package not working
                9- Eutelsat satellite - coverage 10 east:
                ⛔ The British BFBS package is not unlocked on the moon
                ⛔ African channels are not available on C-band
                9 - Hotbird Satellite - Covering 13 East:
                ☑ The Nova Greek package is almost complete and exclusive 🔥
                ☑ Complete and exclusive Xtra TV package channels 🔥 💪 Including Sentanta and Ukrainian Football channels before the start of the crisis
                ☑ The platforma package Canal+ Poland is fully functional, including the channels Canal+ and Eleven Sport
                ☑ The entire Cyfrowy Polsat package including Polsat Sport Premium and Eleven 4K channels
                ☑ Complete Polish VOD PPV Package
                ☑ The Italian Mediaset package is fully functional
                ☑ All-Swiss SRG SSR Package
                ☑ A fully functional RAI package including RAI 4K
                ☑ The French Bis package works almost completely
                ☑ Fully working Belgian Telesat package
                ☑ TVN Polish Package is fully functional
                ☑ Fully working group of Eurosport English channels
                ⛔ Some of the channels of the Bis France package do not work, such as ACTION, TV Breizh and TREK
                ⛔ Canal+4K channel has not been working for a long time
                ⛔ Kabelio Swiss package is not working
                10 - Eutelsat satellite - 16 East coverage:
                ☑ Digital Alb package that works inclusive of Super Sport Albanian channels
                ☑ Most of the Croatian sports channels Arena Sport are working
                ☑ Pink channel group is fully working
                ☑ The Czech AntikSat package is wobbly but blind
                ⛔ My MAX + Total package is currently in dire straits on the moon and most of its channels are not available
                ⛔ Package A1 is not working
                ⛔ The Romanian TVR and PRO packages do not work
                ⛔ The moon is currently very retrograde on Forever
                11 - Astra satellite – coverage of 19 East:
                ☑ Canal + France Canal + French package works inclusive of BN France and Canal + sports channels
                ☑ The Spanish Movistar+ package works perfectly
                ☑ Full HD+ package ☑ ALQUILER PPV package works exclusively
                ☑ Fully functional ORF Digital package
                ⛔ The Sky Deutschland package is not working
                12- Astra satellite – coverage 23 East:
                ☑ The Dutch M7 Group package is fully functional, including Ziggo, ESPN and RTL channels
                ☑ A fully functional Skylink package
                ⛔ The m:SAT TV package does not work on the moon. It is a very important and required package, especially for Arena Sport Serbia . channels
                13- The Arabsat Badr satellite - coverage of 26 East:
                ☑ Almajd package works exclusively
                ⛔ The MBC HD + SSC package is not available
                14 - Astra satellite - coverage 28 east:
                ⛔ The SKY UK package has not been working for a very long time after it was exclusive on the moon and we hope to return soon
                15- Astra satellite - coverage of 31 East:
                ⛔ Fluctuation in Setanta Sport channels
                ⛔ Orange Romania and Magti packages do not open on the moon
                16 - Hellasat Satellite - Coverage 39 East:
                ⛔ Bulsatcom package is working but not complete
                ☑ Telekom TV package is working but not complete
                ☑ A1 Bulgaria package is working but not complete
                ⛔ Tring Digital package is not working
                ⛔ The moon is very declining on Forever, as many channels have become volatile and unavailable most of the time, such as Diema, Max Sport and Telekom channels on HD frequencies in particular, as well as Look Sport channels are not available
                17 - Turksat satellite - coverage 42 east:
                ☑ D-Smart package that works with S Sport and Spor Smart channels
                ⛔ Digi Turk package is not working
                18 - Intelsat Satellite - Coverage 45 East:
                ☑ Diema Sport channels are fully functional
                ☑ MAX Sport channels are fully functional
                ⛔ The majority of the Viva Com package is not working and the moon is currently waning
                ⛔ The Indian Dialog TV package is not working
                19 – For the NSS satellite – coverage 57 East:
                ⛔ The British BFBS package does not work on the moon
                20 - Intelsat satellite - coverage 85 east:
                ☑ Telekarta package, most of its channels work
                21 - Indian satellite SES - coverage 95 east:
                ☑ Dish TV India package is working but not complete but the working package includes Star Select and Sony India sports channels
                22 - Asiasat satellite - coverage 105 east:
                ☑ The Sony package works especially for sports channels
                ☑ Zee package is working and not complete
                ☑ The Star package works especially for sports channels
                23 - The Indian Moon SES - Cover 108:
                ☑ Airtel package not working

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