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I Present To You Today In This Lesson
The Latest Update For The Wonderful Receiver From GEANT



Last Update : 2.56

On The Date : 06.06.2021

Very important alert:

The version is constantly updated when the latest new update is released

New Additions In The Latest Updat

  • Server Geshar 136 upgrade and improvement.
  • Youtube development and improvement.
  • Improve the dongle and solve all its problems.
  • Update and improve the Apollo app.
  • Fix and improve system problems.
  • You must do a factory reset before passing the update and after passing the update in order not to fall into the problems of turning off the device or problems with the boot.
  • Make sure you pass the update for your device.
  • Here you will find the New Channel Fille Ready for the receiver. If you want to download it, click here.

The Importance Of Passing The New Update In The Receiver

  • The new update solves all the problems of the old update and your receiver becomes responsive to use.
  • The emergence of new additions and improvements in the device, for example: * Improving and developing YouTube's performance and solving all its problems.
  • Adding simultaneous translation of channels.* Appearance after weekly programs in channels in the new update.
  • Developing applications in the receiver, improving their performance and solving all their problems, for example, the IPTV application and the APPOLO IPTV application.
  • Changing the main interface or browsing, which gives ease of use.
  • Updating the operating system of the receiver, which makes it work with high efficiency and thus work for a longer period.
  • Solve intermittent problems in the IpTv broadcasting service, or the broadcast is completely interrupted.
  • Adding new options and functions in the receiver.
  • Download the latest device update to activate the server properly and open all encrypted channels.

    How To Pass The New Update In This Video

    Note: The explanation here is specific to another receiver but they have the same
     method of passing the update

New update download link

Important Tips Before Passing The New Update

Before passing any new update, you must follow the following tips in order not to fall into the problems of turning off the device or problems with the bot, and you have to take the device to the experienced people to fix it for you. The tips are easy and simple, just follow them, and they are as follows:
  • First, before passing the update, you must save the file of your channels on the device in a flash drive to retrieve it whenever you want. The method is shown on my website and also in my channel.
  • Secondly, before passing any update, reset the device or factory reset the device completely, and this step is very important before any update.
  • After downloading any update, make sure that the update file is decompressed through the WinRAR program so that you can pass it successfully on your device.
  • When the update begins to pass in the device, do not touch anything until it is finished, and be aware of a power outage or turning off the device by mistake, because this will lead to bot problems and many problems with the device.
  • After the update pass is completed, the device will turn off and restart automatically. You will reset the device again, and with this, you will have passed your update correctly and excellently.
  • Immediately after that, re-download your channels file saved in a flash drive or pass a new channel file.
  • Finally, you go to the device’s settings and connect it to the Ethernet and also activate the server. All these steps are explained in the video shown above, and also in previous lessons that you can find on my website and channel as well.

GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS Specifications

  • The GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS receiver is one of the oldest and one of the best GEANT devices. This receiver works on the ALI3516 processor and memory chip.
  • This GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS device is also the best device so far. It has several specifications, including a G-Shar server for a period of one year, renewable. It opens all encrypted channels on most satellites if the device is connected to the Internet, such as TNT FR channels, German Sky Sports channels and DAZN. Spanish Sport.
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS We learn about its advantages and disadvantages. It is a digital receiver from the wonderful company GEANT in the field of electronics and the world of SAT. In fact, the GEANT GN CX 88 HD PLUS generation is one of the best that was produced and presented to us by the company, but unfortunately the support for this category has stopped And for about years it has not had any new update.
  • The device GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS contains a free dongle for a period of one year and three months, the image is high-quality, full hd, the ability to watch IPTV channels and internal Wi-Fi.
  • The Mooney of the GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS is the same as the Gion 2500 Plus with speed in switching between channels and access to various features in the Mooney because it contains the ALI3516 processor, which is the last processor completed by ALI and one of the best Gion processors
  • The GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS can open the Saudi POQ package, which is the most important, open most of the French channels and even some other channels such as Aquilar channels (formerly Tequila) as well as the Nova package on Hotbird
  • Terrible stability in opening channels and the absence of interruptions and spasms, given that he works with the wonderful server, G-share, and because he is not under pressure from many subscribers.
  • Its MelTstream system is still primitive and undeveloped due to signal weakness problems
  • The size of the device is large, as it is like a large box, unlike the smaller, cheaper and better Epox devices, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. This large size takes up more space. We are in a time of development and smaller technology. .Official Website
  • Supports all types of code
  • Supports the multistream feature
  • It has an HDMI input
  • Wifi support + free Gechar server 15 months, renewable, open most of the encrypted channels
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS supports YouTube. You can watch all the world by playing YouTube videos, and you can choose the quality you want to watch the video in the best picture.
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS supports external dongles
  • 2 usb ports
  • Supports 3g
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS available on g-update net
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS supports DLNA
  • GEANT GN CX 300 MINI HD PLUS supports DVB-S2 H.265/HEVC.H.264 video technology
  • In addition to the multi-standard GPU video decoder.
  • It also has 8MB flash (SPI and no flash).
  • The 2Gbit DDR3 SDRAM is very fast.
  • Interfaces LNB DVB-S2 Tuner In (tuner IC: RDA5815M)
  • It also has 1 4bit Audio/CVBS AV connector, as well as a coaxial 1”HDMI HD coaxial output connector with high-level support.
  • It also supports image formats 480p & 480i, 576p & 576i, 720p & 1080i50Hz & 1080P50Hz; HDMI 1.4 supports HDCP 1.2 and DDC".
  • Available in the receiver: 2 USB 2.0” 1 USB in the back, 1 USB in the front; Supports USB WIFI / 3G device.”
  • It also supports the ECOS operating system.
  • The receiver has an Ethernet interface compatible with 10/100 Mbps.
  • It also supports "USB2.0, high-speed and full-speed devices, PVR supported".
  • It also supports all types of storage, recording, playback and connection to all types of USB devices..
  • It also has a storage space and capacity, 8000 channels search, automatic search and single and multiple TP search.
  • It also supports the supported program lock feature, delete, move (group move), rename, switch from remote.
  • It also supports multiple multilingual languages ​​supported (English. Franch.Russia.Greek.Italian.Arabic.Farsi, Ukrainian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, German, etc.).
  • It also supports split screen function, supports PIP (supports 9 SD channels or 2 HD channels).
  • Easy functions such as group transfer / recall history.
  • It also supports online teletext output through VBI and OSD.
  • In addition to upgrading software (data, kernel and file system) through USB or Ethernet.
  • The receiver box contains: GN CX300_Mini_Hybrid Plus receiver with an electric adapter, as well as a remote control with an instruction booklet, and finally an hdmi connection.
  • SCPC and MCPC to receive from Ku and C-band satellites
  • Software (data, maincode) for upgrading via USB or
  • Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 interface (FAT-FAT32-NTFS)
  • USB WiFi taken supported
  • Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Multi-language menu & audio (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, etc…).
  • Output resolution: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p-50Hz, 720p-60Hz,
  • 1080i-50Hz / 60Hz, 1080P-50Hz / 60Hz, 16 bit colors.
  • Teletext output by VBI and OSD
  • Conditional Acess Interface (CA).
  • Easy to use, after connecting all the cables of the device in the right way, you can switch to the satellite menu interface.
  • Just select a seated device, repeat the LNB correctly and other settings. Some free and encrypted channels are displayed.
  • After scanning, all channels are automatically saved in the channel list.
  • Product details
  • Interfaces: Tuner: DVB-S2
  • IR-EX tuner: External LED display / External
  • remote control 2.4G remote control: 360 degrees in all directions
  • HDMI output connector HD: HDMI output with high level
  • supporting up to 80p & 480i, 576p & 576i,
  • 720p & 1080i50Hz & 1080P50Hz 1
  • HDMI 1.4 HDCP 1.2 and DDC compatible
  • USB 2.0: 1 front USB; 1 USB back; Support USB WIFI 2
  • General Features: The operating system: ECOS
  • Storage: USB 2.0 / Support all kinds of storage,
  • recording, playback and connection
  • of all kinds of equipment USB
  • Format / PAL.NTSC
  • Video Full resolution: 1920 × 1080P 1920 × 1080i and 1280 × 720p
  • for HD video, 720 × 480p, 720 × 480i, 720 × 576i, and 720 × 576p for SD video
  • Standard: HEVC / H.264, ISO / IEC 14496-10 , ISO / IEC 14496-2, ISO / IEC 13818-2, ISO / IEC 11172-2
  • H.264 video, BP / MP / HP up to L4.1; MPEG-4 video, SP / ASP up to L5, MPEG -1 video
  • Aspect ratio: 4: 3, 16: 9 Pan & Scan, Letterbox
  • OSD and 2D graphics accelerator with true color,
  • Anti-flicker lter supported Standard: ISO / IEC 13818-3
  • (Decoding: MPEG1 I / II, MP3, MPEG-4 AAC and AAC plus (HE-AACv1 and v2), DRA,
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (DD
  • Image: Standard- JPG.BMP.GIF.PNG
  • Function DVB
  • (DVB-S / DVB-S2 Satellite conforming to (MPEG-II / MPEG-IV / H.264
  • Storage memory: 4000 to 8000 channels
  • Blind search Support; Multi satellite
  • search, network search, manual search
  • Program lock and favorite group edit Support
  • Multi-language menu Support (English, French, Russian, Greek, Italian,
  • Arabic, Farsi, l ‘Ukraine, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, German, etc.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) -Today / Daily / Weekly
  • Teletext via OSD
  • Firmware upgrade via USB or network cable
  • Favorite group and parental lock supported
  • Sold with Product
  • Digital Receiver, Power Supply, WIFI Key, Manual, Warranty certifica
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