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StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD SOFTWARE UPDATE | NEW SOFTWARE 1.09.24010


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
The Latest Update For The Wonderful Receiver From STARMAX


StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD

Last Update : 1.09.24010

On The Date : 25.07.2022

Very important alert:

The version is constantly updated when the latest new update is released

New Additions In The Latest Updat

  • Improving the work of the server FOREVER and installing it in the operation of encrypted channels.
  • Optimize YouTube on YouTube.
  • Improve and upgrade IPTV.
  • Improvement of the wonderful APPOLO IPTV application.
  • Add new features.
  • Fix some bugs in the device.
  • You must do a factory reset before passing the update and after passing the update in order not to fall into the problems of turning off the device or problems with the boot.
  • Make sure you pass the update for your device.

The Importance Of Passing The New Update In The Receiver

  • The new update solves all the problems of the old update and your receiver becomes responsive to use.
  • The emergence of new additions and improvements in the device, for example: * Improving and developing YouTube's performance and solving all its problems.
  • Adding simultaneous translation of channels.* Appearance after weekly programs in channels in the new update.
  • Developing applications in the receiver, improving their performance and solving all their problems, for example, the IPTV application and the APPOLO IPTV application.
  • Changing the main interface or browsing, which gives ease of use.
  • Updating the operating system of the receiver, which makes it work with high efficiency and thus work for a longer period.
  • Solve intermittent problems in the IpTv broadcasting service, or the broadcast is completely interrupted.
  • Adding new options and functions in the receiver.
  • Download the latest device update to activate the server properly and open all encrypted channels.

    How To Pass The New Update In This Video

New update download link

StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD Specifications

  • StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD is a receiver belonging to the world-famous Starmax company in its continuous support for all the devices it produces.
  • The StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD device opens the encrypted channels through the data satellites with a specific period from the company to each receiver.
  • The StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD device has an HD feature, a super clear picture and quality, which means you can watch all the channels on satellites that are broadcast with this feature and completely steadily in the image without any interruption.
  • It has features like YouTube, weather, Google Map, email, and news reader.
  • The StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD server carries the wonderful server, the most powerful server ever, for a period of two years, renewable and open to most international encrypted packages, such as the French channels between Sport and the German Sky Sport channels, as well as the French tnt channels such as Canal Sport, as well as cultural and political channels. Encoded on all satellites
  • The SStarMax 1X1 Super Full HD device has a YouTube application, which means you can watch videos and movies, watch modern and old foreign and Arab series, and also listen to music clips of all these things through the receiver without the need for a computer.
  • Also, these devices work on most of the 3G internet flashes that are installed in the USB port of the receiver, and they have Google maps, which means you can see your country and the street in which you live through the receiver.
  • Through the Starmax-A100 Full HD, you can record from the receiver through a USB flash drive, your movies, football matches, series, and everything you like to record.
  • Possibility to record two channels simultaneously and watch the third channel (combined frequency)
  • Support diseq c 1.0 / 1.1 2.1 1.3. usals
  • Blind search feature
  • Ability to search multiple satellites at once
  • Ability to search for multiple transmitters (frequencies) together
  • Support a variety of languages ​​such as Farsi with very fine fonts
  • Ability to view Persian translation easily
  • Acceptable picture quality, Full HD 1080p
  • The ability to upgrade via USB
  • Ability to upgrade via server
  • Support for Persian teletext
  • The StarMax 1X1 Super Full HD IPTV also supports G-VOD and G-IPTV applications that can watch the whole world as long as your device is connected to the Ethernet.
  • Support WiFi, wireless network and internet connection with free WiFi dongle.
  • Excellent cccam server support, which is considered one of the best servers after Fancam Forever and Geshar.
  • The ability to support all kinds of external hard drives
  • It has a very powerful media player with the ability to support and play many audio and video formats such as: MKV - AVI - FLV - DivX - MP4 - 3Gp - Mp3, ...
  • The ability to control and stream using Android mobile phones, tablets, and tablets.
  • Dvb-s/Dvb-s2 satellite compliant (Mpeg-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264)
  • SCPC & MCPC Receivable from Ku and C band satellites
  • Universal, single, single S & C Band Wideband LNB
  • Sensitive Tuner with loop – Through
  • Diseqc1.01.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS) and auto DiSEqC Supported
  • Multi satellite search, network search, PID search, Manual search and Multi-TP search
  • Output resolution: 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • True full color (32 bits ) on screen display (OSD), QT OSD supported
  • Strong memory :
  • Unicable Supported
  • Blind Search Supported
  • Multi-language menu supported
  • Multi language audio supported
  • Multi language DVB subtitle output
  • 7 days Electronic program Guide (EPG) can up to 14 days , and Epg from internet
  • Teletext Output through VBI and OSD
  • Multi picture supported
  • You tube, USB wifi and Other network application Supported
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