New Channel Fille Ready For STARSAT SR 200 HD PRIME | 2023


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
A Well-arranged and organized Channel FILLE For The Wonderful Receiver From STAR SAT



Last Update of The File CHANNELE : 2023

Very important alert:

The file is valid with all receivers similar to this receiver that have the same processor Also, the channel file is constantly updated

New Channels File Specification

  • The channel file contains the best known satellites such as Astra, Hotbird, Nilesat, Ethelsat, Thor, Hispasat and other famous satellites that everyone is looking for.
  • It includes many well-known international packages, as well as Arab and foreign channels for matches, films, series, tapes, and others.
  • Free of porn channels and completely pure.
  • It also contains the favorite channel groups in a good and distinct arrangement according to each moon and also according to the types of channels as follows:
  1. religious channels
  2. Kids Channels
  3. news channels
  4. Egyptian variety channels
  5. Arabic drama channels
  6. comedy channels
  7. Arab cinema channels
  8. foreign movie channels
  9. Indian movies and series channels
  10. Arabic sports channels
  11. Entertainment channels and songs
  • It contains the latest frequencies, the most watched and required channels on the Nilesat Astra, Hotbird and others. We mention, for example:
  1. German SKY SPORT package
  3. OSN . Package
  4. French TNT FR package
  6. DAZN Spanish Package
  7. MEO Portuguese package is fully functional
  8. The Portuguese NOS package is fully functional
  9. Albertis DTT Spanish Land Package Exclusive 🔥
  10. The YES package works with most of its SD + HD and 4K channels
  11. SD and HD sports channels work but HD is not stable SD channels
  12. The UPC Direct package is fully functional
  13. Digi TV Romanian and Hungarian package is fully functional
  14. Digi Slovakia Exclusive Package 🔥
  15. The MX1 package is fully functional
  16. The Telly package is fully functional
  17. Sweden and Denmark channels on the narrow package only from the Allente package are fully functional, especially sports channels
  18. Ukrainian football 1 + 2 FOOTBALL EXCLUSIVELY 🔥
  19. Eurosport PAN 2 HD
  20. SES Ukraine package works perfectly
  21. Viasat Ukraine Package Some of its channels operate with privilege, especially the General Package
  22. The American AFN package is fully working exclusively 🔥
  23. The German M7 package works, but with big fluctuations in it this month and big and boring stops on it
  24. Hungarian MTVA package is fully functional
  25. The complete and exclusive Nova Greek Package 🔥
  26. The platforma package Canal+ Poland is fully functional, including Canal+ and Elevensport channels
  27. Cyfrowy Polsat full package including Polsat Sport Premium channels
  28. Full Polish VOD PPV Package
  29. The Italian Mediaset package is fully functional
  30. SRG SSR All-Swiss Package
  31. Fully functional RAI package including RAI 4K
  32. The French Bis package is fully functional
  33. The Polish TVN package is fully functional
  34. The Eurosport group of English channels is fully operational
  35. Love Nature 4k + Museum 4K channels work perfectly without any interruption
  • It contains well-arranged and convenient channels that make it easy for you to watch and search for your most wanted favorite channels.
  • Here you will find the latest update for the receiver. If you want to download it, click here.

Very important Tips Before Passing On The New Channel File

  • First, before you pass the new channel file, pull out your old channel file just in case you don't like the new channel file. You can return to your old channel file in the same order and satellites that it was before. You will find a detailed lesson on how to extract your channel file in this device in the smallest details in For this lesson, just click here.
  • Secondly, make sure that you pass a channel file that flows with your device or your device’s processor in order not to fall into bot problems on your device or other problems such as turning off the device.
  • Third, it is better to perform a factory reset of your device before passing the new channel file and also passing the latest update to your device to match your new channel file.
  • If you find any problem in the file, just do a factory reset again and pass the file of your old channels, or re-enter the channels from the device directly.

    How To Pass The New Channel File In Detail In This Video

New Channele File download link

How To Pass The Channel File In Detail

  • The first step you take in passing the new channels file to this device is to download the file from my site and decompress it using the famous WinRAR program, and then you send the decompressed channels file to the flash disk.
  • You install the flash disk in the USB port of your device and it appears in the device USB READY, or the flash disk is connected to the device, and directly you go to the menu of your device MENU and make sure that the menu is in English.
  • After entering MENU by pressing the MENU button on the remote control, you will find the REC feature, you will enter it directly and you will find several options there.
  • You directly choose the UPGRADE BY USB feature in the third option, after which the UPGRADE BY USB window consisting of 3 options will appear, which we will explain as follows:
    1. UPGRADE MODE located in the first column, leave it in the ALL CODE property
    2. The second and most important field, which is UPGRADE FILE, is represented by the title of the file that you want to pass. After pressing OK, a window will appear for the flash disk to which you sent the file directly, looking for your new channels file that you sent to the flash disk, and you press OK when you find the file
    3. Then, directly, it asks that you go down to the START box and press OK, and so the new channel file will begin to pass, and the file will not take long to pass, only a few seconds.
  • Immediately after passing the new channels file, the device will turn off and restart automatically, and you will find your new channels file with the same specifications mentioned at the top of the lesson. This is how to pass the channels file on this device and similar devices that have the same processor.

STARSAT SR-200 HD PRIME Specifications

  • Star SAT SR 200 HD PRIME receiver with modern specifications. The receiver contains external buttons. It is considered one of the best modern receivers from the international company Starsat.
  • STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME receiver is a device produced and manufactured by Starsat Company, as it is one of the largest and old companies in the manufacture of receivers. The Internet to open encrypted channels by installing an Internet cable or Flash Net and open encrypted channels, of course, through a free server belonging to Starsat company for a specified period. Receiver This feature is one of the most important features that are found in the receivers that work on the Internet, and of course the receiver supports HD technology, which is a super clear image. Through this feature, you can watch the channels broadcast on HD channels completely steadily without any cutting. It is also possible to record through the receiver’s flash usb all your favorite movies, football matches and series, and you can watch them many times without the need for a computer. This feature is found in most modern servers and there are Support for all Starsat receivers from the company
  • The number of channels is 5000 channels.
  • Supports Arabic and many languages
  • Supports WiFi and 3G connection to watch the internet.
  • The STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME device is one of the devices that support the ALI3510C processor.
  • A small device (mini) that supports SCAM + Newcamd + and AMGCAM contains a free server for a year (12 months) The name of the free server (abcam) is open to many international encrypted packages in Astra, Hot Bird, Thor and others.
  • It's stylish, cute and small in size
  • It does a great job competing with other devices
  • Contains a 1.3 HDMI cable
  • The abcam server is known for its stability, but the support of the abcam server has been discontinued by Starsat
  • STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME device supports WIFI with Wi-Fi capture through Wi-Fi pickup, sold with the device when purchased.
  • STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME Supports USB 3G
  •  It also supports the youtube app with the WEATHER app
  • Xtreme application helps a lot, just enter the data URL /USER /PASS /LOGIN
  • STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME supports different encodings, including bass and tandberg. The light coding for Arena Sport channels on the Bulgarian satellite SAT 3.1, but the entry of the codes is manual on the aforementioned channels
  • STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME supports Arabic commentary for foreign channels, just click on Audio and choose the comment, a very great feature
  • The STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME device owns a canal internet server for 12 months, which is the conqueror of many encrypted packages on many satellites such as (Astra-Hotbard-Taurus....all satellites)
  • An antenna for picking up the Wi-Fi or a modem key for mobile phone companies, and it is connected to the device via the USB port, which is also used to connect the external memory to play audio files, photos and videos through it
  • The price of the STAR SAT SR 200 HD PRIME receiver in the Algerian market is approximately 
  • Starsat SR-200 HD Prime supports HDTV (High Definition Television),
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus), 
  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), 
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access (Wireless Internet Connectivity), 
  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), 
  • Blind Scan, PVR (Personal Video Recorder), 
  • DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting 2nd Generation) and Full HD 1080p Resolution Disply. 
  • We have updated version for Starsat SR-200 HD Prime following is the link to download the flash file.
  • DVB-S / S2, Volledig MPEG-4, H.264 / AVC
  • Main Profile level 4.1 Compliant
  • Volledig MPEG-2, MPEG-1 Layer I, II, III Compliant
  • SCPC and MCPC Receiveble van C / Ku-band
  • DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / Unicable / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS) Ondersteunde
  • Automatische Scan option handmatige kanaal
  • Multiple display mode: 1080p / 1080i / 720P / 570P / 576i
  • Scherm Formaat: 4: 3/16: 9 Auto
  • HDMI 1.3 Ondersteunde
  • Multilingual menuscherm Ondersteund
  • Teletekst in ondertiteling uit OSD door
  • Multilingual DVB ondertiteling in Teletekst Ondersteunde
  • PVR (External USB)
  • Multimedia bestanden afspelen (via USB)
  • 7 dagen voor EPG Ondersteunde
  • Software Updates and magnify Channel
  • Database through USB 2.0 poort
  • from 3000 Algerian dinars to 3500 Algerian dinars.
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