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Original Dump + Loader for GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW To Solve All Receiver Problems


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
Original Dump + Loader For The Wonderful Receiver From GEANT



Very important alert:

It is recommended to pass the dump file only when problems occur with the receiver

General information about Dump and the loader

    The subject of the loader and the loader is well-known and ambiguous at the same time, and in order to know what the loader and the loader are, we must know their role in the receivers:
    •  The dump is a file that is mostly in the bin format that contains the information of a specific device and it is responsible for the booting of the device to a large extent, from where do we get this file, it is usually extracted from a new device such as a channel receiver or a TV that is free from any defect or problems, The dump There are several ways to get it either through the programmateur or via the USB Flash Disk key for modern receivers. Thus, the file that we ship to the memory flash drive of the idle device for the purpose of repairing it, whether by the programmer for shipping the SPD memory or via flash disk, as well as the memory is the store or repository for storing information related to any device running in SPD memory, after the corruption of that information stored in the SPD flash falls The device is in several problems, which is why we have to recharge the SPD flash. The file that we ship the flash is called dump in order to repair the damaged area or the information that caused the device to malfunction.
    • The Dump is a Soft that we either drag or pass to the device so that we can solve the problems that the device is exposed to from time to time, for example sudden stops, Boot, On, the blue interface, the red interface and many problems related to the receivers and in short, the dump
    • The dump is a tool for fixing some of the problems of the receivers, and each receiver has its own damp file that is different from the rest of the devices.
    • Dump: It is a flash file that is extracted from the receivers when they are at their best. To be re-passed when some problems appear in the device, such as the problem of cramps, the weight of the device, and boot problems.
    • Loader is a program used to pass special files to receivers or receivers, for example, channel files, updates, dumps... It is also a program for pulling previous files, especially the dump.
    • Here you will find the latest update for the receiver. If you want to download it, click here.
    • Here you will find the New Channel Fille Ready for the receiver. If you want to download it, click here.

    The importance Of Passing The Dump File Into The receiver

      The damp is suitable for solving many of the device problems that it is exposed to, including:
      • Return from device-specific transfers
      • Solve common device problems ON Boot Error 114
      • Solve the problem of the device stuck on Boot and On
      • Solve the problem of faulty updates
      • Solve all device problems from spasms and sudden power off of the device or stuck on boot or on in the interface or the red light
      • The problem of not being able to pass an update to the device
      • Effective to exit Platini SDS updates
      • The device stops at the red and blue light on the front of the device
      And many problems and errors that occur to the device due to some wrong uses

        How To Pass The Original Dump In This Video

      Original Dump download link

      Loader for GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW

      GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW Specifications

      • GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW We get to know its advantages and disadvantages. It is a digital receiver from GEANT, the wonderful company in the field of electronics and the world of sat A year has not had any new update.
      • This GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW device is also the best device so far. It has several specifications, including a Gechar server for a renewable period of one year. It opens all encrypted channels on most satellites if the device is connected to the Internet, such as the German Sky channels and between the French Sport.
      • The GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW device is available on a free dongle for a period of one year and three months. The image is in high quality, full hd. The ability to watch IPTV channels and internal Wi-Fi in the device: youtube applications-
      • Available on the GVOD app..... to watch all exclusive movies and series of all kinds
      • It has the most beautiful feature 3G
      • The muni of the GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW is the same as the GEANT GN 2500 HD PLUS muni with fast switching between channels and access to various features in the muni because it contains the ALI3516 processor, which is the last processor completed by ALI
      • Signal strength has become higher compared to previous versions GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW...and 2500 Plus
      • The GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW device can open the Saudi POQ package, which is the most important, open most of the French channels such as the French channel Canal Sport and TF1 as well as TNT FR channels and even some other channels such as Aquilar channels (formerly Taquila) as well as the Nova package on Hotbird And the Spanish channels of DAZN, Sky Sport, Germany, and other encrypted channels opened by this famous server, G-share.
      • The GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW device is characterized by great stability in opening channels and the absence of interruptions and spasms, given that it works with the wonderful server G-share and because it is not under pressure from the large number of subscribers
      • Unavailability of the recording feature on encrypted channels, unlike epox devices such as Diamond, Plus and Genos
      • The size of the device is large, as it is like a large box, unlike the smaller, cheaper and better Epox devices, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. This large size takes up more space. We are in a time of development and smaller technology. .Official Website
      • Supports all types of code
      • Supports the multistream feature
      • It has an HDMI input
      • Wifi support + free server 15 months free for most encrypted packages
      • GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW supports YouTube and video playback
      • Supports IPTV and watch all channels through it by connecting the device to the Internet
      • Supports external dongles
      • 2 usb ports
      • Supports 3g
      • GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW has g-update net feature to update the device online
      • GEANT GN 2500 HD NEW supports DLNA feature that enables you to connect the phone to the receiver
      • Supports DVB-S2 H.265/HEVC.H.264 . video technology
      •  • Chipset :   Ali3606
        • SCPC et MCPC a recevoir de Ku et en bande C des satellites
        • Universal, Single, Single S & C Band LNB large bande
        • Tuner sensibles avec une boucle a travers Diseq C 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS)
        • Memorisation: 100 satellite, 4000 et 6100 transpondeurs chaînes
        • Logiciels (donnees, maincode) de mise a niveau via USB ou Ethernet
        • Interface USB 2.0 (FAT-FAT32-NTFS)
        • USB WiFi pris en charge
        • Ethernet (RJ45)
        • Soutenu menue multi-langue (anglais. French.German, Italian.Spanish,
        Portugais, russe, turc, polonais, arabe)
        • Teletexte sortie par VBI et OSD
        • Interface Acess conditionnel (CA)
        • Audio multi-langue.
        • Resolution de sortie: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p_50Hz, 720p_60Hz,
        1080i_50Hz 1080i_60Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz 16bits couleur
        • Rapport variable daspect (4: 3,16: 9) avec Pan & Scan vecteur ou option
        de boîte aux lettres.

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