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Mega4UP to earn hundreds of dollars from uploading and publishing files


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
Explanation of a Site 


which is considered one of the best sites to profit from uploading files. We will explain all the details about it and how to register on it

An Overview Of The Site and How To Register For It

  • The ways to profit from the Internet are different for beginners and those who do not have any dollars. If you have some money, I advise you to learn in a field and invest in it. And one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet, there is profit from watching ads, as well as profit from surveys, and profit from shortening links, as well as profit from the Internet by uploading files. Today we will learn about one of the best sites to make money by uploading files.
  • Mega4up is one of the best sites currently available to profit from the Internet by uploading files. This application is used by thousands of people around the world. And they earn respectable amounts of money from it, and the site was famous for its full credibility in paying users, as well as for the high cost of a thousand downloads.
  • In this topic we will talk about one of the best sites to earn money by uploading files without annoying ads, earn money by uploading files without shortening links and ads that annoy the visitor, Mega4Up makes file sharing and storage simple and easy, show your talents by uploading music, videos, photos and other types of files Using File Upload, Share and Let Everyone Get Free Download. Mega4up aims to provide all internet users, without the need to register, to easily upload, store or share large files with their friends. While we encourage all our users to use the Services as they want, without any hassles, we strictly demand that all uploaded content is legal.
  • You can upload files from your device or through a link or by copying files, after uploading the file you will find a link that you must copy and work to bring downloads to your file to get profits
  • The method of registering on the site is very routine and easy and does not require activation. After entering the site, go directly to pressing Sign up, after which you enter your information. And she chooses the user name, then enters your e-mail, enters the password, retypes it, and finally clicks on register. And with this, you have an account on the site to start earning directly from the Internet through this site to upload files

Advantages Of a Great Site

  • The site displays adsense ads only and does not display many ads or popups.
  • Registration is free on the site.
  • A very reliable and secured site, I tried it and I recommend it.
  • The highest profit value is $20 for every thousand downloads.
  • Earn money from PPD software that allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded
  • Download space up to 183 GB.
  • Mega4up allows you to download files of all kinds: documents - programs - videos - games - books, and the site supports other types of files.
  • Supports banner ads feature for you to place on your site to bring referrals.
  • Upload files with a maximum size of 3 GB.
  • You can also pull files from links to other sites, and store them in your account on the site for free and easily.
  • Extremely fast upload and download Your files will be stored securely on CDN sites around the world, ensuring ultra-fast upload and download speeds.
  • The site also provides the ability to copy files of all kinds and add them to your account automatically, with the ability to share them with friends.
  • It has the highest profit rates for your downloads.
  • The site offers most of the electronic and local banks, so as to help you withdraw your money in the bank available to you.
  • Mega4up makes it easy to share on your website, social media, messenger or anywhere with a link.
  • You can start selling your files now with your account and set your own price per file and earn up to 80% for each file you sell
  • Mega4Up makes file sharing, file uploading and free downloading simple and easy,
  • Mega4UP pays up to $20 per 1000 downloads depending on the uploader's site.
  • Mega4UP only calculates downloads for files starting from 1 KB in size.
  • You can transfer your winnings to one of the gift cards we offer (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon..and more), a coupon gift card will be sent to your email.
  • Mega4UP for Earning is the easiest system that gives you the opportunity to earn money by downloading your files.
  • You can also pull files from links to other sites and store them in your account on the site for free and easily.
  • The site is easy to handle and has an easy interface.
  • Supports the feature of selling your files, where you upload a file on the site and determine the price of the file. In order for the person to get this file, he must pay the required amount and you will get 80% of the net amount that was paid, and so everyone is satisfied with the company 20% and you are satisfied and got I have 80%.
  • When you invite unregistered people to the site, you get an additional 10% of earnings from the user who registered on your link, without compromising his money.
  • It deals with all payment methods available in your country.
  • It supports Arabic and English and is very suitable for Arabs.

How To Register On The Site And All The Details In This Video

Website Registration Link

Payment methods on The Site

  • Minimum payment is: $1.
  • It supports multiple payment methods where you can withdraw via (Egypt Post, Vodafone Cash, Orange Cash, Etisalat Money, Paypal, Pionero Paycera and Skrill) many other payment methods in various Arab countries.
  • 20% of the profits of the registered members of the site are earned through you.
  • We check all uploads before posting earnings.
  • The site offers almost all global withdrawal methods.

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