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File-Upload is the best site for profit from uploading files and earning hundreds of dollars


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
Explanation of a Site 


which is considered one of the best sites to profit from uploading files. We will explain all the details about it and how to register on it

An Overview Of The Site and How To Register For It

  • Today, we will give you a full explanation of the file-upload website and how to register on it to profit from uploading files.
  • Who among us is not looking for profit from the Internet with ease while sitting at home, there are many ways and areas to profit from the Internet, which we will explain, God willing. One of the areas of profit from the Internet is profit by uploading files and sharing them with others.
  • Profit and work in uploading files is not as easy as you imagine, you must pay attention to some points if you want to start profiting: Choose the files that have a large demand from users, then prepare a good topic that talks about what users are looking for and put the download link in the topic and you have to learn to publish Links to download your topics in the appropriate places. Choose the appropriate groups and forums to upload your files. Finally, do not despair and try to find new ways constantly.
  • We will now present you with the famous file-upload site to upload files and earn $7 for every 1000 uploads.
  • It is a site that offers a file hosting service of all kinds, in addition to profit from it and the ability to download and share it with friends.
  • File upload site is one of the most trusted sites for profit from uploading files so far.
  • File-Upload site is a site dedicated to making profit from the Internet by giving the site a dedicated space for users to upload files, and this process is the basis of profit and we will learn how in the following paragraphs.
  • You can upload and monetize all kinds of files, except for pornography, nudity, sexual images and, of course, copyrighted files.
  • The site also provides the ability to copy files of all kinds and add them to your account automatically.
  • File Upload You can also pull files from links to other sites, and store them in your account on the site for free and with ease.
  • The site provides the ability to upload torrent files, which is one of the ways to download files, in which the download is done from other normal devices that share the file with you.
  • File Upload allows you to upload files of all kinds (documents - programs - videos - games - books - music), and others.
  • As we mentioned above, the File-upload site is a site for uploading files, but there is more than one way to profit from the file upload site, which are:
  1. Profit from uploading files 2$ / 1000 downloads
  2. Profit from referrals or referrals The referral system in the file - upload site is considered one of the distinguished referral systems, where you can earn 20% of the referral profits who register through you
  3. Profit from selling your files If you have distinct files, users may pay some dollars to get them, you can profit from the File-upload website by uploading your files and placing a price on them that people pay before uploading the file and the percentage is 80% of the price for you and 20% % of price for the site
  • You can also pull files from links to other sites, and store them in your account on the site for free and with ease.
  • Registering on the File upload site is very easy, you only need to follow these steps:
  1. Go to the File-upload website
  1. A registration form will appear for you, fill in the information in it
  2. After following the instructions in the picture, click on the word send, then confirm your email, and thus you have registered on the site

Advantages Of a Great Site

  • 100 GB storage space
  •  Storage capacity up to 10 GB per file
  • You can also sell your files through File Upload, not uploading, and profit from downloads only. Your profit percentage from the file price is 80%, and the site takes 20%
  • The minimum payout is very low, which is $1
  • Members are paid within a period of 1-7 days
  • More than 20 different payment methods offered by the site, including (Paypal - Skrill - Neteller - Bitcoin - Litecoin - Vodafone Cash and Egypt Post - etc.)
  • The profit rate is very low per 1000 downloads
  • The site’s commission when exchanging currencies or transferring money from one account to another is very high, reaching 15%
  • Your files will be deleted after 90 days of uploading if they have not been downloaded
  • You can also through the site exchange digital currencies for real money or transfer your money from one account to another
  •  You can buy a premium membership to prevent the deletion of your files in addition to preventing ads that appear to people
  • File Upload calculates downloads for files starting from 1 byte only.
  • File Upload for Profit is the easiest system that gives you the opportunity to earn money by downloading your files.

How To Register On The Site And All The Details In This Video

Website Registration Link

Payment methods on The Site

  • Minimum payment is: $1.
  • 20% of the profits of the registered members of the site are earned through you.
  • We check all uploads before posting earnings.
  • Payment is made via Vodafone Cash and Egypt Post to Egypt in Egyptian pounds: $1 = 18.00 Egyptian pounds.
  • Payment is made via Flexy Dz and ccp for Algeria in Algerian dinars exclusively only on File Upload one dollar for 200 Algerian dinars. $1 = 200 Dz $1 = 200 Algerian Dinars.
  • Payment is made via: Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer, Vodafone Cash, Egypt Post, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, MoneyExpress, UAE Exchange, Etisalat UAE, Cash Plus Maroc, Algerie Poste CCP, Flexy Djezzy (Mobilis, Ooredoo), Visa Card, American Express Card and Amazon Gift Card. For more information about payment, please read the following notes:
  • For NETELLER: the minimum payment is $5
  • For Payoneer: the minimum payment is $50
  • For "Egypt Post, Western Union, MoneyGram, Emirates Exchange, Money Express": the minimum payment is $50
  • For "Cash Plus Morocco": the minimum payment is $15
  • For Algeria Post: the minimum payment is $15
  • For "Visa Card, American Express Card, Amazon Card": you send your email or mobile number, and we will contact you to receive your card data, or you can email us via info@file-upload.com after requesting payment.
  • Most payments only take two days!

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