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Download and Review DU Recorder APK 2023


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Explanation of a Application

DU Recorder APK

With an explanation of the most important advantages of this application and mentioning its specifications and how to work with it

An Overview Of The Application

  • The Du Recorder application is one of the distinguished applications that work on Android and iPhone devices, and the Du Recorder application is considered one of the best and most famous applications that can be used through the most famous official stores such as the Play Store and the App Store. The idea of ​​​​the application also depends on recording the screen through the phone with high quality as well. Through it, you can also shoot many video clips while you are playing a specific game, and that certainly helps you to show your skills through this game and show it to your friends. You can also shoot a video for a TV program or a live show for a specific conference that is broadcast live .
  • The Du Recorder application is a completely free application that does not require paying any financial fees, and through it you can edit the video after recording it on your phone screen, as well as the ability to put many facial expressions, and you can also shoot from the front screen of the phone while recording The phone screen is in HD quality.
  • Also, in addition to being able to do, through this application, a live broadcast while recording a video of your phone screen while recording a pure and high-quality external sound with the addition of many sound effects and video effects in order to reach a powerful video with capabilities like professionals and fun and for your own production on your phone Whether Android or iPhone.
  • Also, this application is considered to be part of the DU Group, which is one of the important groups that develop Android applications and has gained great confidence from users all over the world. This group also aims primarily to provide all the knowledge to enable users to interact with their smart phones as well This group also constantly develops its programs and interacts with users in order to improve services and avoid any defects or problems.
  • Now, with ease, you can download the Du Recorder application and enjoy many of the features and advantages that the program offers you on Android and iPhone, and you will find the direct download link in the article, so all you have to do is click on this link, and it is only a few seconds, and you will find the application loaded on your phone as well You can use it with ease and simplicity. It is the application that will make you a professional in creating various and varied video contents.
  • The Du Recorder application works on recording videos through the mobile screen, as well as the ability to record video calls with ease and simplicity, in addition to the ability to edit the videos, all according to the capabilities of the Android device used, and also attention to the storage space and memory capacity, with the ability to format it in the style and way you want as you Through this application, you can record high-quality video up to 1080p, 60 frames per second and 12 megabytes per second, with recording control through the notification bar.
  • Through the program, you can enjoy many advantages. You can transfer clips to your computer by connecting to a Wi-Fi network to your computer. You can also do and share clips with your friends on Facebook. You can also take pictures with just one click and share these pictures. Any modifications have to be cut and the ability to collect many photos in just one shot, as you can add effects to the photo and blur it to be able to cover the parts that you do not want to show.
  • It also helps you to create a live broadcast, in addition to the capabilities of screen recording, especially if you are one of those interested in recording your skill while you are playing one of the distinguished games on Android or iPhone, and you can also record any program or conference in addition to that it features an interface Simple and uncomplicated, it helps anyone to deal with it simply, that is, the Du Recorder application is simply through which you can share clips on all social networking sites.
  • You can edit and re-edit the video with ease and high quality in order to get a distinct video, so you can cut video clips and remove some of them. You can also do a mosque and compile several clips into one clip.

                      Application features

                        DU Recorder (for Android 5.0 and later) provides stable and smooth screen recording. You can record the hottest gaming videos on mobile You can record video calls with family and friends; You can also record the hottest shows on Twitch and Periscope! DU Recorder is built with the following free features:
                          Screen recording
                          • Many levels, frame rates, and bit rates are available; Supports HD videos
                          • Pause/resume recording
                          • Enable the front camera
                          • External audio recordings
                          • control recording through floating window or notification bar; Hide the floating window of the frameless video
                          • View click operations in the registry
                          • Move the device to stop screen recording
                          • Alternative storage location: internal storage/SD card
                          • Brush feature: Touch the screen to paint
                          • Connect to PC through Wi-Fi, download videos and screenshots to PC
                          • Live Creation Tool: Broadcast your screen to Facebook with DU Recorder
                          ★ Video editing
                          • DU Recorder has easy-to-use and powerful video editing functions that help you create an outstanding video. With DU Recorder, you can easily perform editing as shown below:
                          • Cut a video: Remove selected parts of a video clip
                          • Combine Video: Mix multiple video clips into one
                          • Add background music
                          • Adjust the size of the video
                          ★ Direct build tool

                          You can live broadcast your screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch with DU Recorder Screen Broadcast. Stream games to showcase your skills, or stream movies, TV shows and sporting events to share the things you love most with people! DU Recorder provides the following features to help you go live with ease:
                          • Live broadcast resolution settings, broadcast in high quality
                          • Live broadcast privacy level settings
                          • Real-time audience feedback
                          • You can use the front camera during the live broadcast
                          • LIVE TOOLS: Enjoy your own YouTube LIVE tools for better live broadcasting: Donations, Subscription & Donation Targets, Message Bot…
                          • Edit screenshots and images: With DU Recorder, you can take a screenshot with just one click. with only one hand. No more double tapping and pressing and holding. Quick and easy! You can also share your screenshots or use the in-app image editing tools to stitch and crop images on the device.
                          • Use the notification bar or floating window to take a screenshot with a single click.
                          • Photo Collage - Combine multiple photos into one smartly.
                          • Blur the image - Blur the image to cover the places you don't want to show.
                          • Crop Image - Keep only the part of the image you want.
                          • Check and share videos
                          • Easily check recorded videos via floating window and notification bar.
                          • Share videos on social sites. Share your recordings with your friends!
                          • Edit video titles in the local video page for better management.

                          Explain The Application In Detail

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