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How To Activate The Server in All Starsat Receivers


I Present To You Today In This Lesson
How To Activate The Server in all STARSAT receivers To open all encrypted channels on all satellites. The explanation will be dedicated to STARSAT devices carrying the following servers:








Very important alert:

The method of How To Activate The Server in All STARSAT receivers is automatically updated if there is any change in the method when new updates come out

The Importance Of Activating The Server In The Receiver

    Activating the server is very important and necessary in the receiver because of its importance and the following features:
    • When your server expires, you will not be able to watch the encrypted channels, so you must know the expiry date to renew it with the specialists at a symbolic price.
    • Connecting the device to the Ethernet is a very important step to be able to access the server feature and make sure that the server is renewed or expired.
    • When you activate the server of your receiver, you can watch the best football matches through the sports channels that the server decrypts, as well as watch all documentaries, exclusive films, and foreign and Arab series in channels that do not open until after the server is activated.
    • When the device is updated, there are new additions to the server, including installing the server and upgrading its version, as well as improving it in opening new channels that were not opened before and encrypted channels.
    • The only thing that proves that your server is activated is the appearance of the server expiration date, which means that the activation has been successful
    • Activating the server on your device is a very important step in opening encrypted channels across all satellites.
    • Renewal of the server in the receivers has a duration that varies according to the type of server, whether it is Gishar, Forever, Vancam or others, and according to the company of the receiver, such as Gion, Starsat, Tiger, Sat Alemity and many other companies, so that the renewal period ranges from one year to 4 years.
    • Renewing the subscription is by purchasing activation codes for a long period that varies from one device to another from Facebook groups or subscription renewal sites.
    • Download the latest device update to activate the server properly and open all encrypted channels.

    General Information About The best Servers For Receivers


    • Server Forever is one of the famous servers known for its strength in stability. Many people are confused about how to choose a device that has an excellent server.
    • There has been a lot of talk about the types of Forever servers, especially after most of the competing companies issued excellent servers at a low price.
    • Server Forever is owned by the well-known Chinese company, Ghosat, which is a giant company that includes several highly experienced and experienced engineers. It is always keen to develop its products through research, exploration, and always release updates, especially on the devices that carry the Forever server.
    • Forever server is the only server that opens conax mating packages. irdeto .videoguard and there is no server that can open this system.
    • Server Forever is divided into 3 sections, we will mention all the difference between them:
    1. Forever Pro: It is the most powerful server because of its excellent features, which is characterized by its stability and protection, and it is limited to opening 4K ultra-high-quality channels. FHD. HVC 265 and we find it expensive in receivers that support Android.
    1. forever: This type of server is spread widely, and it is the most popular, and it is medium in price, characterized by strength and stability, and it opens many packages, including the Showtime package on Nilesat. as well as eutelsat w5
    2. The only difference between it and Forever Pro is the opening of 4K/UHD channels.
    3. forever se: This type of voivode server is directed to devices with an economical price, and it is integrated into MINI devices, but it opens most packages on various satellites, including the Showtime package on Nilesat and the RMC package, as well as bein sport channels on the Astra satellite.
    Forever produced this type of server in order to compete with the various competing companies because its economic price is within the reach of everyone and opens most channels. It is also called FOREVER LITE. It is equivalent to a FUNCAM server.

    • The Funcam server is one of the most powerful current servers, as it is a competitor to the G-Share server, the Cccam server, and even the Forever server.
    • The fancam server is distinguished by its strength and stability in opening international packages across all satellites.
    • funcam server is considered one of the most powerful servers in the world and has a team specialized in programming and coding.
    • The most important receivers that support the funcam server, we mention on top of them Starsat devices, Geant devices, Crestor devices, as well as Echolink devices... and others.
    • This type of server is a good solution to open a group of channels at a low cost. A group of professionals is issuing their own servers and bearing different names, such as G-Share, Forever, or the server we are talking about today.
    • What distinguishes this server from others is that it is supported by a very strong team characterized by high efficiency, you will notice that even channels that are difficult to syscam, geshare and other types of built-in or prepaid servers are broken, and this server is a cheap and good option for people who prefer watching channels through the Sharing technology
    • This technology is characterized by opening a group of European packages and some Arab channels with high efficiency and does not require high Internet speed and does not withdraw large data from the Internet.
    • The devices that carry the Fancam server are characterized by their low price. You can buy them starting from twenty dollars or the equivalent of 300 Moroccan dirhams and above.
    • Devices that support the funcam server are abundant in the North African market such as Morocco. Tunisia. Algeria. Egypt
    • The support team for this server is working honestly and looking to break most of the channels, despite the current problems with cracking codes
    • You do not need much experience to run a fancam server on your computer. A compact fancam comes from the manufacturer with a subscription of one year or more, according to what is written on the device box.
    • The seller can activate the server on the day you bought it or you can activate it when you want. The server countdown will start from the day you activate it.
    • The renewal will be from the official website of Fancam, and you will enjoy a one-year renewal for free, and upon completion you can renew again in the same way and enjoy watching open and closed channels across all satellites.
    • At the end of the server, you can renew it from the seller of the receivers or directly from the funcam server renewal site
    • In the end, we would like to announce that the post is not taken by funcam server advertising, we are only here to provide information only.

    • G-share is a channel decoding server that comes integrated with Chinese receivers, unlike the current servers, which are manually placed on devices such as: CCCam, Newcamd, MGcamd...
    • It appeared on many devices such as echosat, starsat, tiger, zbox … The validity of the subscription ranges from one year to one and a half years, and you can renew it automatically after that by purchasing a code from some sites that support renewal, such as Renewbox.
    • The ancient and giant server, Geshar, known to most users of satellite and Charing in particular, where Geshar appeared in its first version in 2007/2008 and was a pioneer in breaking Arab and European encrypted packages and developed with time and became one of the most important servers in the history of Charing currently, it opens the most important European packages and Arabic packages such as the Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and other major packages, in addition to some important Arabic packages.
    • G-share server classes:
    1. G-share 1 : It is an old server that does not support HD
    2. G-share 2: It is the second generation of the server and works on the processors ali 3601, ali 3606 and the like.
    3. G-share 3: It is the latest, most stable and fastest decoding version that works on Ali 3511, 3516, Nxp processors.
    • G-share Server is a server integrated with Chinese servers. G-share Server is one of the most powerful servers in the world and has a team specialized in programming and coding
    • One of the most powerful devices supported by G-Share servers, as it is of course that we are very difficult to mention all the devices, but we will say on some of them: Echosat - Zbox - Tiger - Pinacl - Starsat - Geant
    • The validity of the subscription to this server ranges from a year to a year and a half, and you can renew it automatically after that by purchasing a code at some sites that support renewal.
    • The G-SHARE server is considered one of the most powerful servers in the world, and it has a team specialized in programming and coding, and this team is not known where it resides, but there are reports that they are either in China or in Turkey.
    • G-share Server is a powerful server that enables us to open most of the popular channels on all satellites.
    • Server Vanilla is a server from South Korea. The giant server Vanilla is one of the most powerful servers in terms of opening encrypted channels. The server is interested in many people all over the world, as it opens a very large number of Arab and foreign packages and is important for the residents of the Middle East and North Africa The most beautiful thing about the Vanilla server is that it is loaded with powerful devices and has great specifications
    • Vanilla Server is an excellent server that steadily opens French, German and Spanish channels, and the price of its devices is affordable for everyone.

    • The StarCam Pro server is written in English (StarCam Pro) and is one of the most important servers, especially in the countries of the Arab Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and also some other Arab countries. A number of French, German and European channels in general.
    • It is one of the most important servers in the world of Sharing and has become in demand in the past years and until now, because its price is appropriate or in a more correct sense within the reach of almost everyone and offers many and many European packages such as Polish, Swiss, French, Spanish and Portuguese channels and many more Other packages and channels The server is very much needed because it has a lot of receivers and at the bottom you will find a list of some of these devices
    • It is one of the servers called embedded (it is very, very difficult to hack)
    • It enjoys constant updates, such as adding new packages every time, and that happens automatically through the company
    • It does not require high speed internet and consumes a few megabytes per month.
    • This wonderful server, Starcam Pro, enables you to watch matches in full stability and in HD & FHD quality.
    • CCCAM server is a way to decrypt satellite channels, as it is considered one of the most efficient and successful methods that relies in its principle on broadcasting the original cards, where the ordinary spectator, for example, cannot buy a bein sports card, which costs about 280 euros and more, because in this way he can pick up all these packages and more At a price that is not comparable to the price of the original cards, all he needs is the internet and a low-priced device.
    • In order to be able to use this system, the receiver device must have an internet system. If your device has Wi-Fi or ethernet cable, know very well that your receiver works with the CCCAM system and other systems such as the Mgacamd system, the newcamd system, and many other systems. These systems are not different from the CCCAM system, because they also work on the Sharing system, and this requires the Internet.
    • The process of operating the CCCAM system from your device is not a complicated process. Simply go to the device settings and search for this system. Of course, you will find data: host - port - user - pass, and all of this will have the data from the service provider.
    • In fact, the CCCAM system works very efficiently if it is paid because you will get a special port that passes through your device without finding another device to share with you so that you can watch channels without cutting and to find more powerful packages and also to run the system for a long period such as a month, a year and two years on According to the agreement between you and the owner of the system.
    • This does not mean that the free CCCAM system is bad. On the contrary, there are many free systems spread across the Internet that also work very efficiently, but you will find the free system always works in a few hours, one day 24 hours, and of course upon completion, new updated data is placed so that you can watch and renew the day again and so on on this system.

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The G-SHARE SERVER

    • Starsat 2000 HD ACE
    • Starsat 2000 HD Hyper
    • Starsat 8800 HD Hyper
    • Starsat 8800 HD
    • Starsat 9100 HD
    • Starsat 2020 HD Super
    • Starsat 13000 HD
    • Starsat 19000 HD
    • Starsat 50000 HD
    • Starsat 60000 HD
    • Starsat 65000 HD
    • Starsat 70000 HD
    • Starsat 90000 HD
    • Starsat 900 HD New

    How to Activate The G-SHARE Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The FUNCAM SERVER

    • Starsat 4080 HD
    • Starsat 4080 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 4080 HD Extreme Egypt
    • Starsat 4080 HD Extreme Jordan
    • Starsat 4080 HD Plus
    • Starsat 4080 HD Vega
    • Starsat 407 HD 
    • Starsat 408 HD 
    • Starsat 4090 HD 
    • Starsat 4090 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 5080 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 5090 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 5959 HD 
    • Starsat 5959 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 5959 HD Plus
    • Starsat 5959 HD Pro
    • Starsat 6969 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 6969 HD Vega
    • Starsat 99 HD Pro
    • Starsat 25000 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 35000 HD 
    • Starsat NANO
    • Starsat 2090 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 2090 HD Extreme Dolby
    • Starsat 2090 HD New
    • Starsat 2090 HD Super
    • Starsat 2090 HD Super Deluxe
    • Starsat 2090 HD Vega
    • Starsat 2090 HD Vega Max
    • Starsat 2099 HD CA Extreme
    • Starsat 3030 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 3031 HD 
    • Starsat 4040 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 4040 HD Vega
    • Starsat 4044 HD CA Extreme
    • Starsat 4070 HD  
    • Starsat 4070 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 4070 HD Plus
    • Starsat 4070 HD Vega
    • Starsat 4077 HD 
    • Starsat 488 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 488 HD Vega
    • Starsat 488 HD Spider
    • Starsat 1000 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 1010 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 1110 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 1111 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 1515 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 1515 HD Prime
    • Starsat 2022 HD 
    • Starsat 2023 HD 
    • Starsat 3550 HD 
    • Starsat 2070 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 4060 HD 
    • Starsat 5020 HD 
    • Starsat 6060 HD 
    • Starsat 8989 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 8989 HD Vega
    • Starsat 8989 HD Vega Plus
    • Starsat 8989 HD Vega Max
    • Starsat 9990 HD 
    • Starsat 9990 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 8989 HD Plus
    • Starsat T20 HD 
    • Starsat T20 HD Extreme
    • Starsat T40 HD Extreme
    • Starsat T50 HD Super
    • Starsat T88 HD Pro
    • Starsat HK 100 S 
    • Starsat X70
    • Starsat X80

    How to Activate The FUNCAM Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The FOREVER SERVER

    • Starsat 90000 Extreme
    • Starsat 2000 Extreme
    • Starsat 9090 Extreme
    • Starsat T13 Extreme
    • Starsat T14 Extreme
    • Starsat 2020 Extreme
    How to Activate The FOREVER Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The FOREVER SE SERVER

    • Starsat T15 Extreme
    • Starsat 2200 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 4050 HD
    • Starsat 4050 HD Extreme
    • Starsat 7060 HD
    • Starsat 7080 HD
    • Starsat 7080 Jordan V1
    • Starsat 7080 Jordan V2
    • Starsat 7090 HD
    • Starsat T30
    • Starsat T30 PRO
    • Starsat T30 PRO Jordan V1
    • Starsat T30 PRO Jordan V2
    • Starsat T140 PRO
    • Starsat T60
    • Starsat T70
    • Starsat 600 HD
    • Starsat 700 HD
    • Starsat 800 HD

    How to Activate The FOREVER SE Server in STAR SAT receivers


    • Starsat X7 Extreme
    • Starsat X4 Extreme
    • Starsat X2 Extreme
    • Starsat X3 Extreme
    • Starsat X3 Pro
    • Starsat X1 Extreme
    • Starsat X1 Pro
    • Starsat 200 Extreme 4K Linux

    How to Activate The FOREVER PRO Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The VANNILA SERVER

    • Starsat X5 Extreme
    • Starsat 2300 HD
    • Starsat 2500 HD
    • Starsat 2025 HD
    • Starsat 3025 HD
    How to Activate The VANNILA Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The ABCAM SERVER

    • STAR SAT SR 2070 HD PRIME 
    • STAR SAT SR 9100 HD
    How to Activate The ABCAM Server in STAR SAT receivers

    STARSAT Receivers That Own The CANAL SERVER

    • Starsat 2070 HD Pro 
    • Starsat 6020 HD
    • Starsat 5070 HD 
    • Starsat 5050 HD 
    • Starsat 3500 HD CA
    • Starsat 3300 HD
    • Starsat 3020 HD 
    • Starsat 2030 HD 
    • Starsat 440 HD
    • Starsat 400 HD 
    • Starsat 350 HD
    • Starsat 300 HD Pro 
    • Starsat 98 HD Pro 
    • Starsat 88 HD Pro
    • Starsat 78 HD Pro 
    • Starsat B10HD Pro 
    • Starsat C10HD Pro 
    • Starsat S10HD Pro 
    • Starsat 250HD Lambo
    How to Activate The CANAL Server in STAR SAT receivers

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